Saturday, March 27, 2010

Manipal- part 1

hi hi. well, it's been 2 weeks since i stepped on this foreign land. it's been soo hectic n busy n hot n sweaty. it's march n i have to wait til august before i can have a taste of the rain, which by then, i would wish it's the dry season again. 4 those that dont know, in manipal we have 6 seasons. beginning from march, it goes- "hot, hotter, hottest", till august. then it becomes-"wet, wetter, wettest". lol. from what my lecturer said, the winter has ceased to come since he was a young kid. (he's bout 40++ i think)

anyway, i arrived here, not knowing ANYBODY n i was like soooo alone. lol. cant even see anyone i know. haizzz... after few classes, knew that mostly sunway, taylor, taylor, sunway. == n most also only 19. took sam or cimp, all 1 year pre-u. very few a level (exclude the jpas) so i m one of the oldest. lol. but it doesnt matter. i dont think i regret entering a level or inti college. =)

so, there i was, alone n single. scrutinizing around, most were busy blabbering with each other, or there were a few like me also. felt like going to them to say hi, but failed in the end. hahaa.. my mind shifted back to may 2008 on the first class of alevel. lol. all of u having the first impression of me being a snobbish, rich, pompous brat, when later u all found out i m actually a humble, poor, good friend. hahahah... well but i know at that time n now that eventually i will get to know ppl, so no rush to speed things up. but i doubt i wil know everyone in my batch. total 126, n seems like 12 more coming in. O.o now i barely know 30%. lol. after 2 week of class, it seems that i m seeing new faces everyday. hahaha.

so, alot of things had happened, n i have alot to share actually. but due to time n space constraint, i shall just cut it short. my lessons have started, n it's a hectic schedule. 8-4/5 everyday. worse still, i also have to wake up early on sat. == well, i think that's medicine. lots of new things to learn, lots of new vocabulary that are to be squeezed into my tiny, miny brain. T.T

n let's just come to the interesting part. dissection. =) we get to dissect by the second week we are here. got a fresh male body. (indian of coz.) total of 8 bodies i think. 7 male, 1 female. most of them are skinny. clearly, lived a whole life of destitute n poverty. =( besides one who is quite fat. goshhh his breast region got so much fat, that upon dissection, his nipple region got a whole chunk of yellowish fat, which clearly reminds me of durian. haha. i wil sure take that pic n upload it to fb one day. =P (n i m sure i wil receive lots of complains. i already do, when i told that to my friends here. )

then, to resolve some misconceptions, when i say dissection class, we dont really get our own cadavers, which we can play around, cut here n there, poke out the eyeball, n put it in fren's fishball noodle during lunch hour that sort of thing. it's done by the lecturers themselves, n we would just observe n learn from the side-all the positions of the organs, nerves etc etc. seems like no one fainted in this batch. (previous batches has got multiple cases) just that the formalin (preservative) is too strong, it always irritates our eyes- which disturbs my concentration most of the time. by now, everyone almost got used to it already, n many can be seen taking pictures. (my frens intend to pose with the corpse n upload to fb. lol)

so, i guess thats about it. soon i wil get sooo busy, i doubt i can online much. soo many things to memorize, i think i might as well memorize every single word from the first page to the last. lol. for pics, refer to my fb, though i hadnt really taken many photos up to date.

oh yah, thank God, i haven't really gotten diarrhoea. must be the prayers before i eat. hehe. Power of Prayers!!! got to go. been procrastinating for sooo many hours. goshhh!!! bb!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


well, since it's cny n i will be going off soon, i had to do a thorough house cleaning (more to rooms) n while ransacking n throwing my old stuffs, i found back my form 4/5 english exercise book. i browsed through it, n found an essay which i wrote at that time. lol. is it just a coincidence that i wil befriend a cow later in the future?? i guess only God knows. anyway, just a dedication to SOMEONE (or somecow) for scoring so well in exams. haha..


"AARGGHH!!! How will i ever know the meaning of "FOOD"??!!" I bellowed while regurgitating curds on the greeny hill. I had been cracking my brain since the past few days, trying to find its meaning. This foreign word was introduced to me by my mother. However, she refused to disclose its meaning to me, causing me to have a severe headache now. All this had started a few days ago, when I was having my meal with my mother in the barn. Then, I began to realize that something was wrong with my mother. She was NOT having her meal!!!

I was taken aback. "How could she??" my mind wondered. "Impossible!!" My 500 pounds, fat, gluttonous mother is not eating??!! N to think that this meal is fodders from Switzerland, the "Heaven" for us cows??", I whispered in my heart. "What happened, ma?" I asked. She stared at me with a crestfallen face, curling her thick mouth, n broke down tearfully. "Boo hoo hoo, I can't tell you, Baby, u are now too small to know the Fate that will befall on almost every cow." She ended her speech n refused to say anything more.

No matter how I forced her, she was reluctant to tell me. However, later during midnight, I found out part of the reason. I woke up as usual as her deafening snore reverberated in the small barn. Subsequently, I heard her moaning in her sleep, "PLEASEE! Please do not make me into 'Food'! I DONT WANTT!! ARRGHH!!" I could see that she was indeed having the worst nightmare ever. The barn then began to smell terribly as my mother urinated in fear due to the nightmare.

Since then, I began to ask other cows but most do not know while some older ones repeated what my mother told me, "You are stilll too young to know."

This is the fifth day since that day. Nobody would help me clear my enigma. "Mum? Mum?" I mooed, looking for her. "It's all right, mom. I will not force you to tell me anymore. Just come out. Don't play hide-n-seek with me anymore. you have been playing for a few days already." My mother has been missing since 2 days ago. I trot towards my aunty, asking her about my mother. "where is mom, Aunt Cowie?" "Sigh... Baby, your mother had met her fate as a cow. She had been turned into 'Food' 2 days ago. Just live on, without her, Baby Siang." she sighed heavingly.

Upon realizing that I could never see my mother anymore, I begin to cry. It lasted for a few hours. "Ring! Ring!" Looking up, I exclaim with joy as i hear the bells ringing. "TIME FOR MEAL!" The word 'Mother' was then obliterated from my mind since then.

Time passed, n I followed the advice of my mother n aunty n lived my life to the fullest in these 5 years. "Eat, drink n be merry" was my motto. N i simplly loved the phrase 'Hakuna Matatta', meaning, "no worries".

I m now a full-grown cow. Looking at my baby cattles, I begin to reminisce the most enjoyable period of time in my life. My puberty life. It was certainly just like yesterday when herds of bulls whistled at me as I gorgeously strode by them, swishing my tail to n fro in a dazzling-like manner, just to make them faint with ecstasy. I was the most beautiful n graceful cow n was even crowned the title 'Miss Cow Universe' by other cows n bulls. All the envious n jealous looks that arosed among other cows gratified me. How the bulls had fought each other just to copulate with me. All that was the glorious days of mine. However, I am now getting older. "sigh. all good things must come to an end, it seems. " I mumbled regrettably.

I m still retracing my past when the mortal who is responsible to feed me came n began to lead me somewhere. I wondered where he was leading me when old Aunty Cowie rushes towards me. She is crying n she bellows, "BABY! You re now receiving the fatal 'Fate' that befalls cows!! I escaped it through my sickness n skinny physique, but YOU, the healthiest, fattest cow will now be turned into 'FOOD'! We eat grass as meals, they eat us as FOOD!!!" I am flabbergasted. I stare at the mortal with horror. Pleadingly, I said, "please dont eat me. I still have my cattles to attend to. I thought we have been good friends all this years? how we spend time together while u feed me my meals? I am already on the verge of tears. He stares back at me blankly n mutters something in his foreign language.

Nevertheless, it seems that this time, for once, I could understand the meaning of his speech. I can certainly swear that he was saying, "I have been feeding u so much, now it's your turn to feed me back, with that juicy thick flesh of yours, of course." He then licks his lips with his wet tongue.

"NOOO!!" I shout as I breathe my last. "SLAKKK!" I managed to catch a glimpse of my decapitated body in a pool of red thick fluid before realizing that I will then be gone forever...."

The end

oh well, i know after reading it, u might wonder that why such a story to congratulate a friend on achieving straight A's?? lol. well, it's just R-A-N-D-O-M. Hahaha..

Thursday, October 15, 2009

YSD Assessment aka Interview

woohoo!! i got shortlisted for the second stage!!! First stage was the online application, where we filled up all the forms and details and particulars, all my A's etc etc. hehe... then they asked for alot of bullshit qs like what is your favourite drama, and alot of nonsense qs which i could see no connection with the scholarship at all. but well, since they asked, i just give them answers they want. answered "one litres of tears" because it is very inspirational (answers like that. forgot what i really put)

Then.. they mailed me last week for the interview thats held today. ant and ys' interview is on friday (tomorrow). so of coz, they are happy that i could be their "guinea pig". haiz.. have to go alone, sit alone. So, i woke up at around 6.10, went out by 6.50, sat bus, lrt to Asia Jaya. I googled on the place, Sime darby convention centre, at Mount Kiara, and ppl stated that the nearest lrt station is bangsar, and i should sit taxi to sime darby from there.

But i viewed the map, and saw that Eastin Hotel is nearer to that place compared to Bangsar, and since its morning, there should be traffic jam. Thus, i sat to Asia, sat bus to Eastin, and waited for taxi there. then i called for taxi, and they said there is none going to sime darby. i was like quite nervous d. no taxi there thats willing to go also. i was starting to regret my decision, n wondered should i sit back to asia, sit lrt to bangsar, and sit cab from there, when God answered my prayer, and a cab came and took me there. n its so cheap, only rm 4.70. i gave him rm5 n asked him keep the change. haha.. since he is so good to fetch me there. =)

So, i am one of the earliest to arrive. (my session starts at 10) arrived there by 9. then once i reached the place n saw other candidates i was like. "ohh gosshh" coz all the guys were wearing a tie. n i went without one. i prayed they wont penalise me or ask a reason behind it. (i kept thinking for a valid reason. i no tie lah, forgot lah, thot no need lah etc etc). thankfully til the end of the session, they didnt ask or mention a thing bout it. some of the candidates even wore a blazer. =.= swt.

the thing that i was disappointed bout simedarby was that they have no punctuality at all. said start at 10, but 11 only started. was grouped with 4 other ppl and entered a room with one malay lady interviewer who speak good english. introduction, then was given the title "EDUCATION" to discuss.

She asked qs, and we answered. i pitied one malay girl who was nervous and answered badly. her answers were out of the point. the interviewer had to stress her qs a couple of times. Then at first, i was a bit nervous, but as the time passed and i talked more and more, i became more confident, until i got the nerve to interrupt her. haha.. coz she was talking bout how maths and science should be taught in malay so as to be fair to the rural ppl and she was asking another person. i got alot of things in my mind, thus i just raised my hand, but she ignored me. =( i managed to state my points later during the discussion, though. XD

it lasted for bout an hour, so we ended at around 12. went out and after a while, they announced the 3 successful candidates who were eligible to sit for the second assessment stage- the 3 online tests. and.. yeahhh i am one of the 3. =)

after that, we went to the lab room to wait for other groups to finish, and bout 12.30 they asked us to have lunch. that was the point when i was MOSTTT disappointed!! i had read other ppl's blog bout their interviews and they stated that there wil be a buffet lunch which would normally cost 65 bucks per person but foc for candidates, n i awaited for that. BUTTT reality sure is cruel. we got a small, packet of bihun. =.= so far from what i imagined. haizz...

while eating i chat with a malay guy who was in the same group discussion with me. I realized that alot of public uni students applied too, esp UiTM. this guy is studying law there. i asked bout the fees etc n guess WHAT?? according to him, the fee in UiTM is the cheapest compared to other uni, and its only RM500 per sem. so the whole course is only few thousands. i was like errr... i think this guy must come from a very poor family. =(

but though he cant get scholarship, i think he should be able to get some financial aid from gov rite? even my sis got when she studied in UM. anyway, then he asked bout my medicine course and i was like errr... "it wil be a few hundreds... thousands." there was a short silence n then i interrupted the silence sayin thats why i need a scholarship.

ok, next, bout 1.30 we started the online tests. i started with a numerical test first. its a maths test which requires basic knowledge of addition, subtraction, division n multiplication. sounds easy?? huh!! i think its even harder than my A-Level maths which requires algebra, complex no, integration etc knowledge.

Its harder in the sense that the qs are highly tricky, n there is only 20 min to finish 24 qs. n they didnt even state the qs no!! so i dont even know what number i am at. i couldnt finish all n i tembak a few qs. i think i managed to answer 20 qs, tembak 3 and left one unanswered. after that, it seems that its not only me. EVERYONE else couldnt finish their test at all.

Next, was verbal test. gosh. this was much worse. i had never read so fast in my entire life. there are a total of 6 passages, with 4 qs for each passage. every qs had 4 statements, n only 2 are correct. we r to answer according to the correct statement. but this time, i learnt my lesson. i first jot down all the qs no, 1,2,3 to 24. and after i finished one, i crossed one so i wil know which no i am at. it helps me to tembak the rest of the qs when i realized that time is running short. i managed to do 5 passages, n i tembak all the qs for the last passage.

finally, is the personality test. there is 300 qs. O.o but no time limit. at first, i wanted to do slowwwlyyy since my bro can only fetch me at 5pm. that time was around 2.30. some of the qs were quite similar in meaning. i gues they want to test our consistency in our answers. each qs was a statement, n your answer is from totally disagree, to totally agree. but slow as i could, i finished at 3.

i figured that it wil be wastage of time for me to wait for 2 hours. i went out, called for taxi again, but !@#@$@$ no taxi available. =.= i then walked out to the highway, hoping to see a bus stop or a taxi stand or hitch a taxi there. but then i thot i might as well walk back to eastin hotel. haha.. save money. it isnt that far anyway. from kj station to my aunt hs requires RM 5 n just now from eastin to sime darby is RM 4.70. n i am used to walking back from my aunt house back to ara damansara. =P

But the problem is my sense of direction. haha. when i sat the taxi, i didnt really observe the surrounding so i just walked according to my instinct. walk walk walk. felt that drivers staring at me. (how often do u see a guy walking on the highway? in addition to one who is wearing a formal cloth?? haha.. ) then reached a bus stand, saw a bus that states "eastin hotel" i asked the bus driver, n he said easin is just behind the bus stop. lol. means i walked the right direction!! thank God. bus it was kinda dangerous too, to cross the busy roads. but at last!!

i waited at eastin hotel for the bus. waited waited, after bout 40 min, it came but @#@$#$% IT just went and ignored me!!! =.= wasted my time!! then i decided to sit a taxi instead. RM 5.40 to reach the asia jaya station. haizz.. initially i thot i could spend less than 10 bucks for transport.

ok, thats bout it. went back condo n back klang. discussed bout the interview with ys and ant, gave them tips, the titles, etc etc.. n now, as i type this, they had already finished their interview. lol. both of them managed to enter second stage. Ys got "Sime darby" n ant got same title with me. yesterday when i was waiting for my result, head others discussing. got one group got title "faceboook". =.= i asked another girl she got "how to make a company greener". haha..

wow. its sure a long post. but oh well, since i only blog once a month. =P

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My "secret admire"

yup. My "secret admire" from who knows where called me last friday. it all started like this:

i was in class, having chemistry, when i received this msg:

"Hi, where are you? i really need your help. whoever u are. just help me. dunno what to do. i umm umm donno what to do. i just randomly typed a hp number. my hs just got robbed. some robbers came in. i am hiding somewhere now, quietly. i took my mom's hp. so donno any contact no. can u pls help me can u get some help? i hope u can be my saviour. pls help me whoever u are.."

eh eh leh... hou chi hai kam. hahha.. aiya, its very obvious she is interested in me finding excuses only rite? hahaha... kena rob also can type so long, can hide from robber somemore. house a mansion meh? i replied:

"i m in subang. if u can type that long u might as well call police rite?" then i try calling her but..

"pls dont call. pls i cant talk loudly. i think the robbers are still in my hs. i can only text. can u pls help me? i m really scared.."

so i "play" with her lor...

"how can i help u. whats your address. yr mom phone no other contact?"

"i stay in kl. umm.. she's a housewife. only got her relatives no. they stay far away from here help.."

"how can i help. address? msg police if cant call. 999."

then she called me:

"gotcha!!! hehe.. just a prank!! melisa campbell here..."

"i know no melisa campbell.."

"i know. wanna be frens? i am quite pretty u know?? hehe.."


then she off the phone. i can hear her frens giggling.

my frens also laughing at the whole scenario. some soo pessimistic ask me to msg, to call, in case if real robbery how??

then she called back. my fren, ys answered the call:

"WHO IS THIS??? why do u call david? he is my boyyyfrennnn. u bi***"

"oopss. sorry." off the phone.

Me and my frens JUST HAHAHAHHAAHA...

then i texted her back:

"hey, are u really pretty? if yes i might consider changing gf u know?"

ys face glowing red already. lol.

"hey, tiffane here. sry 2 prank u.. anyway thx to your sis. let's end the lame fun"

"i am not her sister. i am his daughter"

"cehh.. okok. she say she's ur gf wor. juz wondering.."

"i ve just got divorced and i am single and lonely. she's my 19 yo daughter."

"oo. k la. hope u will find your new partner. umm sad for u. if u want me also can lar. i'm 54. quite lonely and very available. i can take care of your daughter."

"ok. lets meet up. haha.."

"okok. sure. lets meet at jaipur mamak. haha.."

then the rest was lame... lol. actually this was not the first time, someone just msg me randomly. i rmb got once, just few months ago, got a guy msg me in chinese. i dont understand, replied in eng. then he called me at late midnite. i slept d. it happened for few nites.... then one day i listened, i said:

"i am a guy"

he straight away off the phone. no more calls after that. hahaha..

Friday, October 2, 2009

If only i Could know How do u feel About Me right Now..

ok.. after like almost 3 months.. here i am bloggin once again. lol. actually i dont think i should be blogging now, but should be studying instead for my chem exam.. which i havent even start revising. (crap...) well.. where to start.. haha.. i always wanted to blog before this, but no time, and i postponed and postponed til i lost interest in bloggin anymore.. so this may be a mix up of here and there. lol.

once again, its the end of sth- now its my a level program. its the shortest one i had ever went thru. just 1 year and a half. wow. but frenship do grow and sprout here and there, from good frens, best frens, daughter.. haha... ok. dont get me wrongly. i dont mean i had s*x with my best fren and produce one baby out ok?? =P

well, i guess i should blog bout that some other time. now i just wanted to share about my physic exam. dont know why, i have gotten soo lazy nowadays that my results just shooopppp down the hill. always no mood to read and its really REALLY last minute study that for my physics i have to just browsee thru.

on the day b4 the exam i was like just sooo stressed up. no time to practice n my brain cells seem to have deteriorated so much i cant absorb much anymore. thus i had a good mind to skip the exam. lol. might as well skip than fail rite? but thinking again.. i guess i shouldnt be soo kiasu... fail ma fail lor.. i got such "good" frens somemore.. this is an eg of how good they are:

me: hey... should i go? i may fail leh...

frens: good.

me: wei, what frens are u all ah? so happy i fail ah?

frens: yah, we memang happy that u wil fail. coz its very rare. its like seeing meteor shower. very nice mah.

me: =.=

after exam...

me: i couldnt do most of the qs.. may really fail...

frens: yeahhhhhh!!! let's celebrate david's failure!!! (blow balloons)

frens: come david! i chia u makan!! this is a day to rmb!!!

so.. they are soo good rite? i also speechless already...

well, but God is good. before exam, i asked Him for just 60 marks n i wil be contented (of coz deep within my heart i ask for at least 70.. but.. dont want so greedy lah. i dont think i can also since i din even read half)

then after exam... i wil be happy with 50...

next day... i got 62!!! woww!!! God is great isnt it?? hahahah...

ok. i know u read this thru n stil dont understand the meaning of my pm... n i guess i shoudnt explain.. try to figure it out yourself!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A very Special Someone IN my Life.

This post is purposefully dedicated to a special someone in my life, in conjunction with her birthday. She can be considered my bestest friend (excluding Jesus, of coz), n we are a perfect example of how a guy and a girl can truly be best friends without one falling for another. (i know what u want to say- u wanna say that i would never know her true feeling, that she may just be pretending or sorta like that. well, i guess, that... ITS IMPOSSIBLE for us to fall for each other?? haha..)

Our destiny begun 7 long years ago, when i was a cute, shorty, plumpy, little kiddo, while she was that erm... i forgot how she looked like 7 years ago. lol. well, i guess not much difference with now?? (is it?? u got grow ah? XD just joking, k? lol) After all, she was not of angelic beauty to have both my eyes fixed on her and my mouth watered all over her, and the fact that i was such an innocent little boy back then, i dont care n know much bout girls. (maybe i should use the word "am" since i am stil innocent. hahah. dont believe ah?? XD )

So, we met 7 years ago, but we hardly talked til we were in form 4. in fact, we both never talked in form 1 and 2 (we were in the same class for 5 years consecutively) n only started talking in form 3. then in form3, i think she used to hate me. maybe the word hate is too harsh. erm.. dislike?? lol. due to the fact that i was always jesus jesus jesus, then she will counter me with kuan ni ma kuan ni ma kuan ni ma kuan ni ma. we saw each other 5 days a week, and wil quarrel 4 days a week i think.

Then.. in form 4, a sudden transition occurs and our frenship started to blossom. hahaha.. well, til now i dont know has it got to do with that new transfer student or not. lol. maybe just a coincidence that both of them were neighbours, n we got closer to each other at that same time.

But it sure brings back memories.. how i went with some others to her house to do our nie projects (and ended up playing most of the time..), how we used to have so called "study groups" at her house.. then we would end up playing chor tai ti. lol.

Then we came to our final year n we ended up closer.. the fun we had on smuggling food to the class n eat them secretly under the table.. how i used to bring my extra large nasi lemak or bihun.. how we frequent that Manja mamak in ss3 to yum cha.. bringing camera almost everyday and took thousands of pictures.. It was really fun back then, spending time together as frens, gossiping bout teachers.. going toilets together.. (dont misunderstand k? i dont mean she went to guys toilet. =P)

Too bad all thats left was memories n right now, seems like many more memories were forgotten along with time. i couldnt really remember much anymore.. though i rmb that at the end of the year, both of us and some others wrote on each other's memoirs book.. speaking of it, let me get it and reread it to reminisce more. chotto matte.

Lol. haha oh ya, our names used to get mixed up by the teachers, one being Lee Chin Meng and another Chen Lee Mei. haha.. she so perasan and wrote that anyway, her name is much nicer than mine somemore. then badminton club at ss3 always a failure n ended up in manja. haha.

N one thing thats true til now was this statement:

"I will ALWAYS appreciate our frenship no matter what lies ahead in the future.."

I always believe in best frens forver back then, but as i grew up n left form 5, i realized that 99% of the ppl that told u "best frens forever" would end up as just a nobody to u in your life. But til now, i am glad that we still are best frens and really, really hope it would be so in the next 10, 20, 30, unlimited years to come... (oh gosh, why suddenly i so emo-1.. haha..)

OH yahhh, gossshhh i nearly forgot that embarrasing event. =.= dont really want to mention it here.. but.. oh well, i should be more sporting.. she wore a bra for me... wait WAIT!! ITS not really a REAL bra.. its just that bandage thingy made into a fake bra. and they even took a pic of it. thankfuly i think that picture was disposed. or did she made an extra copy??

then, she even included our usual dialogue. haha.. its very long, so i shouldnt include it here. but u DO rmb rite???

soo,, thats the end of it. after form 5, i rmb we went to our class party, n didnt really see each other anymore til next year, when she decided to go to singapore to study, n the last time i met her was at her bbq party. she missed the intake and went to work first in an UOB bank. she came back on and off, and well, as a really different person, in the sense that, ppl now earning sg dollar wor.. can seee the "tar pan" soo differnt d. like a "fu poh" like that only. i rmb last year she came back n treated about 10 or so of us to the yuen steamboat ALONE. Of coz, being a gentleman, i treated her back, since she refused to accept my money.

Oh yah, i forgot to include our first birthday celebration together. since our bdays are just 4 days apart, we celebrated together in form 5. (pictures below. =D ) that was the first time my frens ever celebrated with me, i think. (yea, i am that sad a person. hahaha)

well, its been a long post and i should conclude it now. i just want to thank u so much for being such a good, better, best, bestest, bestestest, haha.. friend in my life!! really hope one year we could celebrate our birthday together again.

a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to u, my dearest friend.

Love, Me. =)

(well, dont think that she is suchh good a student. she used to ponteng about once a day every week. hahaha.. always sick.)

(always eating nasi lemak nasi lemak n 100 plus only. n hey, when want to revisit our school??)

(oh yah, who bought the cake ah?? i forgot)

(look how happy she is to celebrate with me. hahahaha...)

(well, i know that this was not a pic i took or what. lol. i stole it from your frenster. all our pics are in my the other pc and i hardly have much pictures of us here, so being desperate... =P )

(our reunion at sushi zanmai, 1 utama. see how she "jump" from mamak to such high class restaurant?? hahaha..)

And finally, we reached the end of this post. happy birthday again, n dont miss me so much, ya!! XD

Saturday, June 13, 2009

-S3- A Class Of Mutual Friendship N Trust U can Never find Elsewhere..(suree orr nottt??)

We were both young when i first saw u~
I closed my eyes n the flashback started~
I was standing there~
Not on the balcony in summer air~
I see the Ling, the vania, the plantae~
I see Ling make her way thru the monks to ask results~
Little did i know~
That there's no Juliet (or romeo), no one was throwing pebbles~

well, in the swallow of a mouth, it had been a year since i first pee-d in inti toilet. Time sure swim as it seemed like it was just an hour ago when i first saw the remarkable beauty and glamour of vania san's erm.. hair??? n one glimpse of her height, i was at once reminded of my primary school. (sigh) that sure brings back memory... (hey, vania~ i m not insulting u!! it depends on how u see things!! many of my girl-frens were taller than me in primary school!! i saying u look "tall" ma~ =P )

may 5 was actually our s3 first anniversary n i first intended to blog on that day itself. but due to my hectic schedule, i had to postpone till now. that sad thing was, no one but me actually remembered!!!! T.T cis cis cis. all mou leung sam 1. sob sob..

i clearly rmb our first lesson with none other than our ex chem lecturer miss ling. i dont know why, but i only rmb that particular hour, n forgot the rest. mayb coz its the first class? or maybe coz i was elected as the class rep? ahahaha.. well, after all, chem was always my weakest subject, n once class started, i became the class rep for my weakest sub. oh crap. imagine the class rep getting the lowest in the class. haha.. (ps. ys i know wat u 1 2 say. no need say anything)

so, first impression is very important rite? i wanted to look around at all my other classmates, but aiya, i very shy shy person 1 ma, so whole day just stick to myself lor. like those malu malu kids who lower their heads all the time n just nod the head when ppl ask them qs that type leh. XD

many just came back from ns n u can actually call s3 as shaolin 3. n the first word i learnt in college was....


ahaha.. i always call that snowcap or watever cap. its the 1st time i heard of "beanie". Why did i learn it? very simple.

coz THERE'S ONE "OI LENG" GUY IN THE CLASS WHO IS STIL BALD N MALU TO SHOW IT!!!! (ps. erm.. of coz, i dont mean that after wearing it he became handsomer. in fact, he looks much better without it. but.. just acquaintance, impossible so frank meh at that time)

then i rmb i was sitting at the corner, n wilson n teck hee were behind me. they were the first 2 person i got to know on that day. forgot who else i fraternize with on that day. 1 look at teck hee, then vania, teck hee again, i was like... are u even sure this is college n not some erm.. primary or secondary school?? lol.

4 d first few weeks, it seems like everyone was wearing a mask. all so quiet, look so innocent, so shy especially ant n yin siang (she came 2 weeks later). fuiyoh.

First week (ant) : hi there.. my beanie very nice oh. i like it so much. hehe.. i like that dr chan. he looks soo cute. (shy shy type) n.. u know that subject blah blah (nerd type)

one year later... (ant) : YEHHH!! I WANT TO KAU BE KAU BU CANNOT AH! *&^%%&*^$%^.

First day (yin siang) : (all stare at her, she took her hand to cover her mouth part n smile while turning another way, blushing, like veryy decent n shy type 1)

Me: erm,, yin siang hor: u want a piece of chips??

Yin siang: ne-never m-mind. it's ok. thank u so much. (hehe.. blushing)

one year later: (yin siang): FOOD!! FOOOODD!! I NEED FFOOODDD!!! GIVE MEE FOODD!!! ROARRRR!ROARRR!! (so ganas, my bag almost tear off while she ransacked my bag without permissison)

well, i think enough reminiscing. if i continue, it wil goes on and on. (or rather, i would be chopped to pieces if i did indeed continue...) let me start to introduce all 20 ppl in s3!! (by 2009, the no dropped to 19 since one changed course.) =(

who to start with leh? the smartest?? the richest?? the handsomest? the prettiest?? the popular'est? haiz.. why all i also seems to be the last 1~~ nvm lah then. i should start with the ones i want to say sorry 2 coz i dont possess their individual photos 2 post it here. =P

ta da~~ this guy here is called Tan Xin Liang. till now, he remained the winner for the "All time-Fairest Guy" (or perhaps person ) Award. His nickname is "Putera Lilin" since he is so afraid of the sun. recently our 2nd chem lecturer, Dr hillary, bestowed him another title which is:

"Mamma Boy"

since his love for his mom is as wide as the sea and as deep as the ocean. during our alevel exam for eg, he would rather go back to his mama in taiping than 2 stay here in subang when there is a refractory period of a few days. well, isnt it so touching? sob sob..

He can be said to be a second Kong (not wei wen n only understandable for smksp-rians) everyday encyclopedia, wikipedia, mama-pedia, u name it. a very good debater. once u start a discussion with him, it became a lecture, since he would be the one talking in front, n we at the back would pretend to be listening, saying "ah, ah, yes u are SOOO right" while talking to ourselves.

well, enough teasing. among all the guys, he is still one of the most decent 1. he hardly swear, at least i never heard him saying the F word before. Quite quiet guy at first but now quite talktative also. Very good person to talk to if u love hearing bout Quantum Physics, The big bang theory, E=mc^2. :)

next, sharmela which is the one and only NON MALAYSIAN indian in our alevel batch (i think). a singaporean who came here 2 study. till now we dont know why she chose to come here while singapore is a much better place. nickname:

"ke leng por"

which means indian girl in cantonese. she quite seclude herself from the rest of us. only very close to fasihah (scroll down for more info). she is quite Ok which is why i got nothing more to write about. haha.. next.

suthan. An indian guy who only joined s3 after a few weeks. transfered from s4 coz he taking physics. always sitting in front with wei wen n remained the most attentive guy in the class i think. erm.. well i dont think he possess any nickname. at least not that i know of. next?

wilson lim way turne. wow. one look at his name i was like, is that pronounced as "turn" or "tur-ne"? spelling mistakes by the nurse? i was reminded of my 5 cousins whose names were spelt by the nurses since my uncle was iliterate n they spelt according to what they hear. one "Haa" another "Hah" one more is "Ha". ahaha.

well, in this case i dont think thats the case. but its sure an unusual name n the pronounciation is "Turn". not that he likes to turn around or anything. source n meaning of name remained a mystery for me.

the most prominent thing bout him is for sure.... that he looks 90% like non other than our all time favourite MR ONG CHAI CHEW!!!! WAHAHAHA. like peng yan only both of them. eyes small small. "chui chim chim" (mouth sharp sharp). stand side by side ppl also wil misunderstand think both of them as father and son.

then he is the first person in the class with a nickname i think. (or maybe its beanie?) which is


actually, there are alot of lala in the class too. this lala. lala-nia. (vania) la-la-la (isaac) then we got "si ham" (ant) then their primary food "em em" also got: "tahi".

dont know why they all like this filter feeders so much... yeh..

next is Kashika valiappan!!! from her name came out "vania-pen" which means stupid vania. haiz. they all so bad. play with ppl's name. so sorry kashika. lets start with her favourite phrase:

"u're the BOMB!"

always can hear her say that. currently can say engaged to prashanth from s1. when u see both of them together, their mouths are like glued together. ><

one of the few that wanted to be a doctor too!!! yeahh!!! doctors "man sui"!! hehe.. she is one of the very few sweet girl in the class. soo not like that cow in the class. LOL.

well, she dont really possess a nickname which we call her but according to the nicknamer, ms liaw, she is "Cash". (quite lame, actually if u ask me) Not that kash likes cash alot like "she" do. =P

another guy whose i dont posses individual photo. this is kong wei wen. its the guy with the green shirt. the skinniest guy in the class. he likes erm very... different colours. green. dark green. light green. everything green green. no wonder that vania drools over his shirts. (u wil know why later)

this guy is a quiet guy but.. diam diam ubi berisi. u wait til he plays a drum. wahh.. can make your eardrum explodes. very potential drummer. aiya, too bad he left cf. haizz... like i said earlier, always sit in front with suthan n listen attentive all the time. (they dont feeel a thing 1 meh.. everyday sit so front, so near mr ong's face.. kowaiii- soo scarryy. >< )

lai choi ying. the girl on the left. changed course and currently taking a "housewife course". tied up with a guy called Benson she got to know from the net. O.o seems like not all those matchmaking websites are useless. haha.. the only PTS in the class, meaning the youngest. during the half a year she stopped college went and taught chinese in primary school. CAN U BELIEVE IT??!! imagine her teaching moral?? XD

she is often called "coi coi" which can mean veggie (though she dont eat it at all) or the chinese "choi kor lei" that "choi".

u dont see her face like so innocent oh. she got many toh pak 1 oh. very active in love life. many bfs 1. always get this present that present.

chan min feng. guy on the left. one of the pioneer of the Gay club in the class. everyday talk gay with the guy beside him or with kei yan. hear also mou ku tong already. given nickname "bra bra". its derived from zebra coz he loves shirts with stripes. evidence on the picture itself. but since he is soo into girl's stuffs, the nickname can also mean to be the woman's protective gears. he is very open minded. his sis lah, aunty lah, all woman relatives always talk girls stuff with him. now we just dont know whether he got the habit of wearing the real "Bra" or not. haha..

He claimed that he treats others as just mere Tools. once useless can throw away like junks. if u cant give him any benefit he wont as much as say hi to u. But after socialising with him for a year, found out that he is actually quite friendly and very nice. just that he malu want to express and be honest with his own feelings. always "keh keh" (fake fake) ^^ just see how sweeet he smiled in the picture also know lah. can obviously see that he smile from inside his heart 1. haha..

can say one of the richest in the class. house all "ming pai" (branded). but got a very lovely parents esp his mom. mom very good cook. can always see him bring homemade cookies. the most touching part was he actually rmb that my mom loves eating yam cake (i just mentioned once in the class) n he brought it a few weeks later purposefully for my mom. sob sob. i take this opportunity again to thank u n your mom. =D

Mr solomon. a very upright man. see how straight he stand in the pic. haha.. a very jovial christian. father is a pastor u know. ppl so good but that sui teck hee call him gorilla n kingkong. he look like one meh? let's see.. scroll up.. look.. and.. erm... ok, let's continue.

ppl always call him King solomon. if u dont know who's king solomon pls kindly take your bible, turn to 1 Kings n read bout his blessed wisdom. about how he judged Israel, n bout his mighty n powerful reigns over many countries. well too bad, he "died" in the hands of those beautiful womens he married, who caused him to sin n fall from the glory of God. haizz.. so sad.. oopss i should let u find out those facts yourself by reading that book from the bible. =P

n nowww iss Isak!!! real name is Isaac Kam weng chun!!! we started calling him Isak after our mr ong called him that. ahahaha.. dont know why that mr ong wil pronounced it the malay style. Isaac was another prominent man in the Bible n appeared in the book of Genesis!! he was born to Abraham at the age of 100!! unlike King solomon, he was faithful till he breathed his last!! now he is in the Kingdom of heaven enjoying and happily singing now. ^^

well, isaac... can be considered a very sexist guy. His law: girls before guys, other s3 girls before cows, xl before other girls. hahahah.. no lah, he is actually a very gentleman. the other day went to eat jap buffet with me and my family, my bro's gf complimented him u know. say he gentleman offer to send yin siang home. (though we never know the true story.. maybe he was ermm "forced" before that?? he knows how his life in s3 is gonna be if he say no. lol)

then say he very environmental friendly coz he uses hankerchief wor. i no EF coz i use tissue. :(

but i also pity him. haiz. always kena bully 1. u see his face also can see lah. dont dare say no. like the proverbs go: "all lay load on the willing horse". but dont know why he only treat me so bad. cis. always "kek" me only. chat with him always "a huh.. swt... =.=" haizzzz..

overall, a very good guy lah. very good friend also. not like "others" so jinkak. all i say above just joking only oh. dont angry ah. u see, only u i apologize. hehe..

oh yah, the smartest guy besides ant also. banyak pandai 1. mr ong ask do 1,2,3 only, he do 4,5,6,7 also.

the long awaited Antony Loo Yan Kiat!!! the "Kau Be Kau Bu" guy. always hear him complain here complain there bout exams lah, notes lah, but in the end always get the highest. =.=

got the "Dont know dont care" attitude. unlike isaac, mr ong say 1,2,3 he wil never ever touch 4,5,6.

if interested in him, never call him out on wednesday coz he needs to go to pasar n do house chores. a very good son rite. u marry him can let him do all the house chores u can sit at home "tan tan keuk" wait him cook, change pampers etc. but the only drawback (or perhaps advantage) is he is Bisexual. Girls can. Guys also can. half girl half guy also no problem. As long as u can satisfy him can redi. (just joking la!!! guys, pls dont really ask for his no. k?)

a Faye wong fanatic. oh gosh. he is the first those crazy fans i ever known. everyday faye wong faye wong. got all of her ORIGINAL cds. only maybe those too old ones dont have. siao her so much, he is in love with her. say she got angelic voice n beauty. but too bad, she smokes n got husband if not he may just fly to hongkong and propose to her....

aha!! here comes the mosttttt "intterresstting" girl of the class!!! fuiyoh if 1 2 talk all bout her memang tak boleh habis. erm.. lets start with a new nickname she got from this year.

guess how she got it? coz she looks like a cow? coz she is as "thin" as one? coz she is vegetarian?

why u all so bad 1. say ppl look like cow.. u see properly. see up. see down. like cow meh? maybe got a bit only lah. (waitt!! u dont hit me first!! let me finish my sentence!) i 1 2 say that the same part is both also got eyes both got ears both are God's creations only. just that u more special.

so, actualy, she is the one who started up with the nickname for herself. coz got 1 time, she said she can eat a whole cow. means she can eat alot like a cow which got 4 stomachs. so, it's like the cantonese proverb goes: "tai kui sei"?

then that CMF said she is an electronegative girl. always "lor yan pin yi." if there is a free thing, she sure be the first to grab it. but, she is not the "dont want face" type oh. she verryy clever 1. can say one of the smartest also in the class. she want the free thing, she wil ask OTHERS get for her so she dont have to embarrass herself. clever rite? only pity us lor. who has to sacrifice our faces for her. =(

lol. just joking just joking!!!! relax lahh.. u dont have too bee soo angry. and pls ah. dont go and scold me all the F words ok? ok ok. say some good things bout u lor. u very pretty. u very smart. u very rich. u very fortunate. u very moral person. ok?? happy ma?

oh yah, u might ask, we say her cow, why i drew her a pig? wei, dont simply accuse me. though i say she dont look like a cow, it dont mean she looks like a pig also. cis. well, most of the animals are randomly selected. so ngam she got a pig then a pig lor. n when i drew it last year, she havent become a cow yet. oops, i dont mean to say she is a cow now also. aiya, whatever lah. =P

wah, ng keng ng kok already say so much bout her. u see, u so special ahh.. even your animal background also differnt from others. pls dont ask me why. XD

welll, soo this guy is the kiddo of the class. named Hew Teck Hee. should i say his nickname ah. like very bad leh. erm... but if i no say very unfair to others wor.. i very lan chou wor. u tell me lor. yes or no. haiz. u cant even reply me.. let's throw a coin. head tell. tail dont tell. ok?

oopss. its tail. too bad. aiya. nvm. his main nickname cannot he still got alot more sub nicknames. after all he is the


he is definitely the guy with the most masks in the class. he wears the mask according to what u can provide him. its like should i say parasitism or commensalism? if minfeng say he treats others like a tool, i think that describes this guy more? ahahaha.. no lah. just that this guy very lazy. what also depends on others or maybe on certain ppl only like me, isaac sort of ppl. coz if she fight with that yin siang, i dont need to mention u also know who will win lah.

actually, not that he is entirely jinkak lah, that he is give the title king. it's just that he always call ppl jinkak. u see, from just now till now he already called me jinkak alot of times already. u do this he say jinkak, u do that also jinkak. haiz.

currently he is staying with shenny n xin liang. can say "tung kui" also. everyday both same room dont know do what. can say 24/7 together do everything. eat together, sleep together, study together, even bath together. O.o what u thinking, i dont mean both same bathroom lah at the same time. dont think so dirty can or not. the house got 2 bathrooms mah. haiz.. u ah..

well, they claimed they would never be together, but u wil never know. maybe 10 years from now, i may receive an invitation card from them. =P

u seee~~~!! both of them really"yau yun". once i say him, now she comes out next. i can honestly, truthfully, oathfully, say that i dont plan this to happen. i just randomly put every photos n blog whoever comes next. REALLY!!!

So, this girl is shenny lah. together with her cute little brother. (speaking of him, i miss him so much. n i know he miss me too. ^^) shenny is my third daughter though she is older than me. aiya, age is not a barrier mah. so actually, if she really together with teck hee i really worry for her. haiz.. lol.

Shenny used to be a quiet and decent girl. but from this year, once she got closer with yin siang lah, teck hee lah, haaaaiiizzzzz.... thankfully still got me if not ah... really dont know what wil happen. hahaha.. no wonder ppl say frens' influence very big. u don say F word, if u fren with those that do, u also wil start saying. (wait, yin siang, u dont makan cili u wont terasa pedas. i where got say u teach her say F word~~)

lets continue. wait.. do she has a nickname?? oh yah. We call her "SNAIL" coz she memang very slow. always take her own sweet time. eat one burger can take more than half an hour. then, she is also the skinniest girl in the class. her waist dont know got 25 or not. O.o

now is Vania San Ee Ming!!! she is another popular girl in the class. is the center of attention. u know why?? cozzz.... She is the source of our life!!! being the primary producer in the class!!! yeahh... she produces "oxygen" for us ah. without her, we would definitely die.

let me explain in detail of how she sustain our life. u know frens always joke around ma. laugh around. if no joke, no frenship lor. soo, she provides a person for us to tease n laugh!! XD

i think she got the most nicknames? from Lalania to Plantae to 3 Yee Min to etc etc. that min feng especially likes to tease her. the best was she is also very sporting n joined in the jokes. (ps can u believe that the person whom i described this word "sporting" was also the person who enlightened me bout the word?? haha..) i see her so kasihan always help her. my sis in Christ ma. must help each other. so, vania, when all other ppl want to bash me up esp U know who after reading this post, pls pls "jiu jiu wo ah".

she is nice n petite looking n (shakes head) she is always acting kawaiii.. =.= other than that... a very good fren. next. i am sure getting tired... thinking bout 20 ppl at a time...

the sole malay in the class!! namely Fasihah!!! she is certainly the mostttt openminded malay i ever known. u can know lah, from the fact that she comes to private college n not some government ones!! =P

besides that, she got a good command of english, n we converse mainly in english!! our country certainly needs more malays like her. well, ok let's not talk bout that sensitive issue or next moment, i would be sued before i can ever blog another post.

basically, she is soo well mannered and good natured that i cannot further my description bout her. soo unlike that yin siang?? hahaha...

Loo Xin Ling!!! hehe.. knowing her, if she is reading this post, she is sure very eager to see what "good" things i wil blog bout her. aiya, dont worry, u dont see that ring on top of your head meh? n besides, if i dare even twitch my words a little while writing bout u, i m sure before u see me in college the next day, SOMEONE ELSE would venge out the anger on me n u wouldnt be able to recognize me. ^^

haha.. ok lah.. actualy she and ANOTHER GUY with an initial "I" are very compatible in our opinions. we tried very hard to be the matchmakers but it seems that "I" person is not given a chance. ooohhhh.. soo sad.. maybe xin ling's requirements for a bf is too high?? he tak layak. haha..

this xin ling sure say: " No lah!!! its me who tak layak him. he soo good. i not chan him at all. ><"

rite??? wow. i know everyone so well, that i know their reactions before they even read it. hehe..

but this xin ling really is a very nice and decent girl!! if i want to find a gf sure find one like her. XD hope i wont make someone jealous?? hahaha.. but sometimes her heart n mind is so sealed u can never guess what she's thinking... hehe...

Liew Kei yan!! or can also be Liew Gay Yan ( kacau gay ppl) lol. he's not really gay lah.. (maybe?..) can say standing champion for the award of the "Most Outstanding Hairstyle". his hair normally spiked up a few inches up. is it coz he cant wear a high heels so... ??? no lah, he is not short lah. of normal height actually.

can be considered the most "favourite" student of ms ling due to his "punctualness". live just 10 minutes away but can be the latest to come. haizz.. every friday can see his "Sharingan" eyes. or is it every day??

Ham Chi Lim. He dont normally act cute like that but well.. anyway, he is actually quite "Ham" (masin) as his name suggests. haha.. always kap leng luis only. jus so like mr yong (again, understandable by smksprians only) sadly, it seems that his heart belongs more to s1. T.T maybe coz there got more leng luis??

nasi lemak a must in his life. he can reallly eat it 5 days a week, 4 weeks in a row. every morning also buy from the same stall. O.o

finally!!! the last!!! fuh!! i dont know spend how long thinking and posting all that!! now, should i describe myself?? i so insignificant.. haha.. i guess i should.. but.. self evaluation?? hmpph... how should i describe mysself..

ok ok. lets get started

name's Lee Chin Meng, or frequently ejeked as "Licin" "Chin Peng" or worse, "Lei Chin Meng" (pronounce it in cantonese) which means "U nasib malang" well, i admit my nasib memang malang. its from the day i first stepped into s3. or was it from the day LYS first stepped into s3?? maybe both... lol.

then.. one look at me, normally ppl wil think that i am just a very smart and pompous guy. i dont know why. but at the same time, they wil know that i am a gooood boyy that dont smoke, dont drink, dont club. ^^ (ps. i am really not complimenting myself.. i repeating what ppl normally say for my first impression for them)

what i dont understand was.. why they think that i am rich too?? I AM NOT OK!!! n ys i warn u. pls stop talking bout buffet!!!! =.=

well, i admit that i am indeed a kiasu person, who dislikes losing very much. n sometimes i am indeed proud and haughty. sometimes i think i am a jerk. for example, for badmouthing yin siang in this post.. boo hoo hoo.. sob sob.. i really feeel bad, u know, yin siang... sob sob.. can u change so i cant badmouth u??? sob sob...

furthermore, i am jinkak, pei pei, har lau, mou chi, yong sui, u name it. happy now?? =P

sooo do u know s3 much better??? overall, honestly, i am really glad to be in s3 n got to know all of u!! i cant say all, but many of u had became my best friends n i really really enjoy knowing u guys.. sa-sa-sayi-ng ti-il he-e-re, fee--l sooo em-emoo... sob sob... T.T ok, thats it!! hope u enjoy being in s3 too!!!

(ps: if i had offended any of u, i sincerely apologize n i ask for your forgiveness. aiya, frens ma.. just joke around only.. u know i know lor how i feel for you. XD )